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Portable Electric Shaver

Portable Electric Shaver - KCEAN


Portable Electric Shaver

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Are you tired of feeling the burn? With Our Portable Electric Shaver, your burning days are over!

That means no chance of cuts, less irritation after each pass, and no unsightly razor burn when you're done.

The best way to avoid razor burn is to prevent it, and the most effective means of prevention is to use a high-quality shaver. Our Portable Electric Shaver protects sensitive skin, shaves effortless, even in hard-to-shave areas like your Adam's apple or jawline.

Portable Electric Shaver Features:

● 3 blades, 360-degree float shaving

● Dicyclic knife net and dicyclic blade

● Acceleration gear, deep cleansing

● 3.9m / second cutting speed

● IPX7 waterproof characteristic

● Built-in lithium battery, charge for 2 hours and run for 60 minutes

● Material: steel



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