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Perfect Beard Shaping Comb

Perfect Beard Shaping Comb - KCEAN


Perfect Beard Shaping Comb

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Hesitant to trim your own beard? We feel you, it’s a scary thought to have to shave it all off due to some shaving mishap. Unleash the professional barber in you with our Perfect Beard Shaping Comb!

Easy to use, align with your edges and trim with either a clipper or razor, creating symmetry on both sides. You can even use this item to trim your neckline perfectly.

People will keep asking you how you have the funds to go to the barber every day. Your secret’s safe with us.

With KCEAN Perfect Beard Shaving Comb shaving over the edge with perfect lines will be no problem.  This is the ultimate facial hair grooming tool and it’s never been easier to shape your beard or goatee with precision and speed while maintaining symmetry. Combine with clippers or a razor to achieve an accurate trim or crisp shave.

* Shapes in minutes easily
* Perfect cheek lines
* Symmetry on both sides
* Perfect neck line
* Shapes a variety of beard styles, including goatees
* Use clippers and or a razor with its durable construction

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